Merengue was born to delight the palate of lovers of the good pastry, with the quality to conquer the best tasters and with the strength to appear next to the best delicacies in the world.


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Our Specialties

Merengue is Jordiana!

Merengue came to Jacksonville, FL to lure and delight those with an exquisite taste in North Florida and beyond. In other words, we strive to deliver a high-quality product that can be positioned among the very best and true vanguards bakers in the world.

Jordiana Li Urdaneta (a.k.a. Jordi), is a leader and visionary in the concept of marketing Pastry by Order with a unique and very modern style. Jordi’s infectious passion and insatiable curiosity drives her to always be able to create and offer fresh products with a unique and fresh texture and appearance. Her vision has let her exploit social media to create a strong and highly sought after brand for both Merengue and herself using these platforms to promote their creations and meet the demands of an ever growing customer base.

Unspeakably Good

About me, the bakery, the ingredients, techniques, and much more. It will be a place to learn and excel in every dessert that you do.

Swiss Meringue

The one that we use in the bakery for everything
that contains this divine white and fluffy cloud.

Pastry Business?

The need and desire of good pastry is the fuel to
start this exciting business that sweetens palates

Magic Desmolder

Good tips to disassemble our creations without
adhering to the walls of the mold.